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Khatta Dhokla

Khatta Dhokla

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Yes, khakhra-inspired dhokla exists! We have always been the experts in bringing you authentic culinary creations that make you miss home a little less, get in touch with your inner child and taste flavors that are traditional to the core. Our Khatta Dhokla flavored khakhra is one such creation. Redefine healthy and tasty snacking with this scrumptious marvel, coming to your plates from the farm of Goa.

Masala crunch will tempt and linger…. In the pink of your health!

Product Details:

Shelf life: 180 Days
Storage: Ambient temperature. Keep away from direct heat or sunlight.
Net weight: 180g


1) Wheat Flour
2) Broken Rice
3) Curd
4) Black Pepper
5) Pink Salt
6) Asafoetida
7) Rice Bran Oil
8) Pasteurised Water

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Inthepink of Your Health

Fully natural ingredients

No artificial flavor or added preservatives

Eco-friendly initiative to reduce carbon footprint

Made with rice bran oil for a healthy lifestyle

Authentic & traditional

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