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Khasta Kachori

Khasta Kachori

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HUNGER PANGS STRIKE! Don’t know what to eat? Feeling grubby in a quiet office meeting or on a Sunday evening? We have a crunchy and healthy answer to these questions. Each bite blends with your taste buds creating an explosion of memories and flavors from your days of childhood and teenage, when summers were more breezy and days were spent frolicking!

Let’s crunch this out in the pink of your health.

Product Details:

Shelf life: 180 Days
Storage: Ambient temperature. Keep away from direct heat or sunlight.
Net weight: 180g


1) Wheat flours
2) Moong dal
3) Fennel seeds
4) Coriander seeds
5) Sesame seeds
6) Garam masala
7) Amchur powder
8) Red chilli powder
9) Rice bran oil
10) Rock salt
11) Pasteurized water

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Inthepink of Your Health

Fully natural ingredients

No artificial flavor or added preservatives

Eco-friendly initiative to reduce carbon footprint

Made with rice bran oil for a healthy lifestyle

Authentic & traditional

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