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Kandi Podi

Kandi Podi

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This chutney came from a traditional kitchen in Andhra and landed on the farms of Goa. By the time it reaches your plate, it will be an amalgamation of authentic taste and food genuinely prepared with love and purity. An accompaniment prepared with a variety of lentils and roasted to perfection, the taste is truly an ode to those evenings you spent with your Ma or grandma with a plate in your hand, waiting to be served. 

Lip smacking, finger licking, taste-buds tingling from the kitchen to your plate…. in the pink of your health.

Product Details:

Shelf life: 180 Days
Storage: Ambient Temperature.
Net weight: 200g


1) Toor dal
2) Chana dal
3) Moong dal
4) Pink salt
5) Chili flakes
6) Curry leaves
7) Cumin powder
8) Coconut

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Inthepink of Your Health

Fully natural ingredients

No artificial flavor or added preservatives

Eco-friendly initiative to reduce carbon footprint

Made with rice bran oil for a healthy lifestyle

Authentic & traditional