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Butter Kulcha

Butter Kulcha

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It feels great when you get the best of both worlds. That’s what inthepink has done for you in the most pleasant manner. Premium Butter Kulcha flavored khakhras are as delectable as they sound. The melting butter with its mesmerizing flavor, the delish North Indian essence from kulcha, and an all-time favorite khakhra. A rich cultural fusion to make your snacking hours joyful and truly memorable for the gustatory system!


Can we bring you a khakhra that is a meld of your desired flavors? Yes, please… all in the pink of your health!

Product Details:

Shelf life: 180 Days
Storage: Ambient temperature. Keep away from direct heat or sunlight.
Net weight: 180g


1) Refined
2) Wheat Flour
3) Pasteurised Butter
4) Onion Seeds
5) Green Chilli
6) Pink Salt
7) Fresh Coriander
8) Rice Bran Oil
9) Pasteurised Water

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Inthepink of Your Health

Fully natural ingredients

No artificial flavor or added preservatives

Eco-friendly initiative to reduce carbon footprint

Made with rice bran oil for a healthy lifestyle

Authentic & traditional

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