Why Buy Microgreens When You Can Grow Them?

Why Buy Microgreens When You Can Grow Them?

So when I first discovered Microgreens, that too in a pretty Pink labelled box in a supermarket, and shared my find on social media, the one question i got asked constantly was - Why was I buying them instead of growing them at home?

Some out of natural curiosity (little do they know about my Black Thumb), some with judgement (what can I say, I really don’t have the enthusiasm or patience to grow them at home), some wondering about how much I was spending (actually just Rs: 99/- per box), and some just plain amused with what they thought was my stupidity, probably at spending a lot of money (trust me I didn’t) on something that grows so easily.

When I first learned about Microgreens, and went down the Rabbit Hole online, I just heard all about their nutrient content & nutritional benefits, how awesome they were to just put on any dish, and make your everyday meals healthy, even at home. How they were great immunity boosters, were even more densely packed compared to sprouts or fully grown vegetables, with Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants etc. I also read how various studies have shown, that they can prevent so many ailments, improve overall health, protect you against so many cancers, and so many more health benefits.

And each of these things are true.

It was only until I actually saw them and read up a little more that realisation dawned. I had seen them served on my plate, at multiple restaurants across the world and in India, that I had been lucky to eat at. Had even grown some myself as a kid, as part of various science projects over the course of my time in school.

So why am I buying them instead of growing them? Especially since I now live in Goa, where there is enough fertile soil, space, maybe even time to grow these?

Let’s be honest, I am a working woman with a husband, 3 dogs and all the other things that go with all of these responsibilities. Yes nothing beats the charm, or the benefits of growing your own Microgreens at home, and eating them fresh.

But the fact remains, that there are numerous varieties of Microgreens, each one with it’s unique flavour, taste and health benefits. Additionally, they all have a growing cycle of anything between 5 to 10 days, and that they do need some attention.

Even the brand inThePink Microgreens, was born out of the fact, when Ami Motta the founder discovered them, but couldn’t find them easily or even grow all at home either. Would they encourage you to grow them at home? Yes, absolutely!

But would they like to offer someone like me an option of being able to buy them at your nearest store, in multiple varieties and at a very reasonable price of Rs: 99/- per box? Definitely a YES.

I for one, would definitely like that option. Especially when between my husband and myself, a box lasts us for some 3-4 days and we both get to choose our favourite ones.

Additionally, they take back all the old stock every alternate day from the markets I was told.

And I am happy that these are grown in a hygienic and controlled environment, farmed using no chemical fertilisers or other toxic chemicals, and available at multiple stores across Goa.

The world is full of choices, and we all want to make sustainable, healthy, organic choices. And though buying Microgreens, may not be a choice for a lot of people that have a Green Thumb and love to grow their own food. I would like to believe that at least for people like me, as a Juvenile Type 1 Diabetic, and with no time or inclination to grow it themselves, we have the choice to eat healthy at home, and that definitely makes me most happy.

The basic point remains, that Microgreens are Superfoods, and if they are a part of your regular diet whether at home or elsewhere, whether grown by you or someone else, they can only be beneficial to your health and well being.

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