Healthy Festival Gifting With Microgreens

Healthy Festival Gifting With Microgreens

My years living abroad definitely taught me one thing, that I just missed the Festival season in India. I mean until December comes along with Christmas, most of Europe is pretty quiet. But in India, we have a festival pretty much every month. And the best part about our festivals, the rich and varied kind of rich food, desserts, all the gifts, meeting up with family, friends, card parties, and lots more food again.

But this year, I have decided that if I am going to do any Diwali or Dassera gifting, it will be with a box of Microgreens. And then just like me, one can indulge in all the goodies and not feel too guilty about them, by balancing it out with some super charged nutritional food like Microgreens. And since Microgreens seem to go pretty much with every variety of food, I think I have found the perfect gifting idea.

Imagine having your rich Payesh with a dash of Alfaalfa Microgreens, that help with cholesterol, or then some Flax Microgreens with the Mishti Doi, to help with digestion of that heavy meal. Or even the Gajar Ka Halwa with Carrot Microgreens itself, which help in preventing various types of cancers. The point being that you can have them with pretty much anything, be it savoury or sweet, and enjoy their health benefits.

Pack them in a lovely DIY decorated tray that you have up cycled, to gift them in. So health, nutrition & saving the planet, what could be a better gift than that?

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