Life is all about good vibes, good people and good food…

You Live Only Once (YOLO), why not celebrate each moment with tasty and healthy choices that make each moment a childhood storybook scene. Full of innocence, purity, and sweet frolics!

Learn to find joy in the little things

Yes, the day was hard. Yeah, things were better. Maybe it's time to unwind and slack off a little. Grab a flavourful snack, pick a quenching drink and just take some time to appreciate this moment.

Find joy, in the Now!

Our Collections

We have curated an extensive range of classic Indian food & beverages that include Khakhras, Chutneys, and Rasas.

It Feels Like Home...

Flavors, recipes, bites and sips. We don’t just make food, we bring a whiff of freshness and an embracing moment of pleasure right from Ma’s kitchen where she made the most delicious treats for you.

So, no matter the place or day, we make sure every flavor of ours in your modern lifestyle, feels like home.

Top in Class!

Bringing to you the goodness of homemade food in a ready-to-eat form

Butter Kulcha

Rs. 396.00

Khasta Kachori

Rs. 396.00

Masala Papad

Rs. 396.00

Khatta Dhokla

Rs. 396.00

Inthepink of Your Health

Fully natural ingredients

No artificial flavor or added preservatives

Eco-friendly initiative to reduce carbon footprint

Made with rice bran oil for a healthy lifestyle

Authentic & traditional